The Raymond Ackerman Golf Academy (RAGA)


At RAGA we have three principal goals

The Raymond Ackerman Golf Academy (RAGA) is a unique youth development programme based at Clovelly Country Club in Cape Town. Talented and deserving teenagers join the Academy and through their own hard work and determination ensure they achieve the very best they can, in all aspects of their lives. The Academy is structured around three core pillars; education, life skills and golf.

RAGA offers after school academic tuition and a range of life skills activities. But what makes this programme special is that we teach golf to all our students. The vast majority are absolute beginners at the sport before joining us.

Why golf? The learning and playing of golf teaches the students many invaluable life skills, such as concentration, self-discipline, competitiveness, the value of hard work, communication skills, etiquette and personal presentation – the list is endless.

The Academy has three principal goals: Education, Life Skills and Golf.

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