Adrian Tango

Adrian, after obtaining his matric certificate and finishing school spent two years gaining a variety of work experience whilst deciding on a field of study that really interested him. After lots of thought, he completed a diploma in Metals and Engineering Manufacturing Processes. This NQF Level 3 diploma has opened up many employment opportunities for Adrian and he is now active in his search for a role where he can put these skills to good use.

In his spare time he is part of a local band, and they have even recorded their own music CD. In his own words, Adrian says that his four years spent at RAGA taught him that it was his responsibility to put in the hard work to make a better life for him. He says it taught him how to keep going, even when things got very, very tough.

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Robina Macario

Robina Macario, who was involved in RAGA in our very early informal days, secured her Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stellenbosch in 2011. Whilst seeking a fulltime Role she volunteered her services back at RAGA and became a powerful and influential Role model for our current students, whilst also helping

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Lwandiso Myeki

Lwandiso is one busy man. He is working full time in a bakery to support himself, contribute to his family whilst aiming to achieve his certificate from City and Guilds, a recognized diploma within the hospitality industry. RAGA taught him important life lessons, always to have a “positive attitude, courage

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Vuyisa Silolo

After leaving RAGA Vuyisa is now with the Desmond Tutu Foundation And a member of the Hokisa Youth Group. In his spare time Vuyisa teaches young boys gumboot dancing! Vuyisa reports that RAGA helped him “manage my time, how to communicate, how to stay healthy, and the ways of respecting

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Emelia Coetzer

Emelia Coetzer, after completing her diploma in sports management was employed at Clovelly Country Club as a golf operations assistant. A former ladies Club Champion and Western Province representative, Emelia recently made a move to Westlake Golf Club after being “head hunted“. Her expertise was required in setting up a

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