Bracyn Valayadum

ACADEMIC: GRADE 10 Fish Hoek High School

Academic Progress:  Bracyn is making solid progress with his academics.  He has an obvious flair for maths and economics.  He is able to set realistic goals and list specific strategies for improvement.  He is an independent learner taking responsibility for his own learning outcomes.

Post School Vision:  Bracyn is interested in finance and would like to be a Chartered Accountant.  He says that this career will suit him because he works well with numbers and figures and enjoys journals and ledgers.

GOLF: Handicap

Comment: Bracyn has shown consistency in golf through frequent practices on the range and golf time on the course. Bracyn’s enthusiasm to play golf has seen him being selected to represent RAGA in the 2016 WP schools league golf. His coaching time entailed posture and balance. His grip, stance and swing s fair although he needs further coaching for this.

LIFE SKILLS: President’s Award Bronze
Bracyn is in the process of completing his Bronze Award which he is enjoying. Learning to play guitar at the Alas Academy in fish hoek is his chosen skill and he is improving as each week passes. His chosen sport is golf which he practises at every opportunity at Clovely country club and continues to improve. Always eager to help, Bracyn attends The Helderberg centre for homeless people, tirelessly dishing out food and drinks. He has so far completed 21 and a half hours and continues to volunteer.

Bracyn completed his  Adventurous Journey during 2016 walking 24 kms over 2 days. A quiet young man with an eagerness to learn and get involved, Bracyn will soon be completing his Bronze and registering with the Silver Award.

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