Tim Wolfaardt

Timothy or ‘Tim’ as he is known by his peers has shown keen interest in golf and music. Tim is an enthusiastic person who loves having and making fun. His remarkable improvement in golf has seen him participate in his first league match that he had won. Tim is focused and maintains a balance between […]

Lunga Kibi

Lunga, in grade 10 at Masiphumelele High School is a very determined young man. A “witty” sense of humor adds a great value of fun to RAGA. Admired by his peers at the Academy Lunga or “Kibi” as he prefers to be called loves his golf, surfing and soccer. He is a supporter of well […]

Aidan Valayadum

Aidan is in Grade 10 and his favorite subject is Mathematics. Aidan has excelled academically and was selected for the advanced Math’s program that he attends an hour before the official school starting time. His determination and attention to detail manifested itself in and through his academic and golfing side. Aidan received the academic award […]

Ashleigh McKie

Ashleigh is a high achiever and currently grade leader for grade 11 at Fish Hoek High School. Ashleigh is completing a leadership course known as “Cerus“ which would qualify her as a member of the students representative council in her grade 12 year She’s a focused and confident girl with an aptitude for Mathematics. At […]

Emma Devoti

Emma is in Grade 10 at Fish Hoek High School. Her hobbies are computers, cooking and baking. Emma does hospitality at school and loves innovative and creative cooking and baking. Emma loves the outdoors and spends time cycling and hiking. Emma is buoyant and injects positive energy into the RAGA family. Emma believes that one […]

Asheeqa Bisoonpersad

Asheeqa is a very ambitious and hard-working girl. She may come across as shy, but she is at the same time a highly energetic person who is currently completing grade 11 at Fish Hoek High School. Asheeqa also has a well-developed creative side, which she displays through visual arts. Besides golf, she loves soccer and […]

Caitlin Abrahams

Caitlin is in grade 10 at Fish Hoek High School .Her favorite subjects are Geography and mathematics. She’s proud of the leadership role she took in the recent recruitment of new young applicants from Masiphumelele. Caitlin is a keen follower of swimming and idolizes Chad le Clos. In her spare time she likes to spend […]