Our Students

Our Students

In 2018 RAGA entered a partnership agreement with the Western Cape Department of Social Development and expanded its reach by substantially increasing the number of students.

Our Senior Students

Our Junior Students

Overview of Academic Curriculum: RAGA selection looks for young people with a postiive approach to life and determination to succeed. This does not always mean that academics are strong however we aim to support each young person to achieve to the level of his or her academic potential. Our juniors, having recently graduated into the full program, are now participating in English, Maths and Science tutoring each fortnight. They also have completed a Study Skills program with core content: Preparation for Study, Positive Study Mind-set, Organisation and Time Management, Making the most of Memory, Summarizing and Stress Management. Each term they complete an analysis of the their academic results and set a goal for the new term.

Juniors have participated in an introductory Career Selection Workshop to assist them to start to think about post-school life. Some of their career aspirations at this point, are not realistic however they do tell us about what each young person values and the way in which they would like to contribute to society. It is not unusual for young township people to focus on professional careers – doctor, lawyer, engineer, as a pathway out of poverty and degradation. As they develop their career identity they will become more able to align their interests and aspirations with their academic output.