Students are collected from their respective schools and transported to RAGA where they enjoy  lunch and have time to relax before the afternoon activities begin.

The extensive academic support programme involves the quarterly analysis of every student’s progress, the setting of realistic goals and the provision of specialised tuition by well qualified tutors across all academic subjects with a particular focus on Mathematics, the Sciences and Languages.   Time is allocated to homework, project work and personal study.


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted education and the RAGA programme has adapted quickly and effectively to the new demands.

Each RAGA student now has access to a specific laptop which may be taken home on loan. This has greatly assisted them in their academic work both at home and at RAGA. Attention is given to the constant development of their IT skills so that they are competent in accessing information, completing projects and extending their knowledge of useful programs such as Zoom, PowerPoint and emails.