Esona Ngwane

ACADEMIC: GRADE 10 Masiphumele High School

Academic Progress:  Esona has high expectations of her marks that she is not reaching.  She needs more supervision when completing her term analysis to make sure that her goals are realistically attainable within the next school term and that her strategies for improvement are specific.  She particularly would like to improve her maths.

Post-School Vision: Esona says she would like to study law.  She thinks this will suit her as she is an outgoing person who can face people and speak her mind.  She also says that she likes to help people.

GOLF: Handicap

Comment:Esona is a lovely student,always showing enthusiasm.There have been a couple of times where because of Esona’s happy ways she does not see the seriousness of a situation.Esona follows instructions well but struggles mostly in on-course lessons.Esona is determined student and could reached great heights.

LIFE SKILLS: President’s Award Bronze
Esona received a note from The President’s Awards Office thanking her for her Bronze Portfolio of evidence. During her Bronze Community Service she helped out at The Numyoli Daycare Centre in Masi. She loved working with the children teaching them how to play and read where she amassed 24 hours of volunteer time over 3 months. For her Silver Award she helped keep the streets of the township clean as well as working with children in the Safe Houose. To date she has volunteered for over 40 hours of service. Gaining confidence to talk to people has been a hugh task for Esona and studying Public Speaking during her Bronze Award helped her to do this. Getting good marks at school is high on her agenda she has chosen to study for extra academics for her Silver Skill to help her achieve this.

Esona is loving the Sports Section of The President’s Award and after learning golf for her Bronze Award she is continuing to improve on her game for her Silver. Enjoying the outside life, Esona soon got into the swing of The Adventurous Journey for her Bronze Award walking 24kms over 2 days and sleeping in a bunkhouse. She set her mind to the tasks at hand, always with a smile. She is looking forward to the Silver Adventurous Journey in April 2017

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