RAGA 2014 Matric Success

2014 saw seven Grade 12 RAGA students sucessfully complete their final school year. The students made many sacrifices on the social and golfing front in order to achieve their best. They were focused, dedicated and determined. There was a collective huge sigh of relief when they all passed.

The students RAGA journey is by no means complete. They now move into the RAGA Alumni Programme, which aims to support their development until their tertiary education is complete or they are established in their chosen careers.

Congratulations to:

Some of our matriculants were clear they wanted to start tertiary students straight away. To this end Yaaseen has started a degree in Dietics at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and Tracey is also at the University of the Western Cape studying for a degree in Bio Chemistry. Lungelwa, keen to start a career in finance and accounting has already received her first job offer in this field. Shane, focussed on joining the SA Defence Force (Navy) has to wait until March until the 2015 recruitment process commences and so until then is working in the family business. Apoloisi has returned to work at the renowned Food Barn in Noordhoek to gain more experience in the restuarnat and hospilty field, with a view to start studying hospitality later this year at Muzenburg College.

Llewlwyn, considering working with children as a career has been volunteering with a childrens charity and is interviewing with relevant organisations. Finally, Munashra has been working part-time at a resturant whilst considering career choices and awaiting the outcome of job applications.

All the students have been able to use the Academy facilities to write and submit applications, get help with interview preparation and under take psychometric testing to help them. We are very grateful for the help from Kath Morse who helps co-ordinate our Life Skills offering and brings years of hands on experience in identfying academic and career options with this age group.

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