Timothy Wolfaardt

ACADEMIC: GRADE 12 Fish Hoek High School

Academic Progress:  Tim can be focused and attentive to things that take his interest.  School is not a great passion of his and it is a big effort for him to apply himself.  Despite this, Tim has made fair progress and is working steadily.  He has particularly made a big effort to pass maths.

Post School Vision: Tim is very interested in the music industry, particularly sound engineering.  He is a creative young man who enjoys doing things.  He has work shadowed in sound production and has contacts in the field making him confident of gaining employment.  One day he would to own his own recording studio.

LIFE SKILLS: President’s Award Bronze
Timothy put together a detailed Portfolio for his Bronze Award for which he received a note of thanks from the President’s Award Office.

Singing is Tim’s passion and for his Bronze skill he worked tirelessly on his singing to gain this part of the Award. For his Silver skill Tim is studying his driving theory.

Walking dogs was something that Tim involved himself in for his Community Service helping out with abandoned animals in his community. For his Silver Award he is working with children and the elderly amongst his community. Golf is something that Tim has improved greatly on in 2016 and he chose this for his Bronze Sport Award. Quietly getting to grips with all that the game has to offer, Tim is continuing to improve for his Silver Award.

Walking 24 kms over 2 days was something that Tim accomplished for his Bronze Adventurous Journey. He learnt that being prepared for something was very important in all walks of life and will put this to good use when he completes the Adventurous journey for Silver in 2017.

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